Say hello to the new Specialized Alibi

The new Specialized Alibi

Goodbye pump, it’s been real.

It might defy some science, but there’s no limit to what you can do without air. Explore new roads, head to the grocery store, go wherever your heart desires—the Alibi is down for whatever, and you won’t need a pump to do it. That’s because it’s made to be virtually maintenance-free.

All too often, tech breakthroughs are measured in wattage efficiency and seconds saved, but when Specialized asked themselves, “What about the other things that make for an awesome ride?” The answer takes shape in the Alibi, with tyres that’ll never go flat, a chain that won’t rust, and a geometry that just screams comfort. It’s everything you need to hit your goals, whether they’re to get in shape or get around town in style.

Drop in to our Braddon or Fyshwick shop to check out the new Specialized Alibi range.
Specialized Alibi Sport EQ Step ThroughSpecialized Alibi Sport EQ

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