Hand-built wheels

The art of hand-built wheels

Why buy hand-built wheels?
“Hand-built wheels aren’t for everyone, and that’s ok, but what I can tell you about hand-built, precision-built wheels is that they will last a lot longer. The ride quality is just something you feel; there is a life to the wheel that often a machine built wheel just doesn’t have”.
Check out this excellent article about Jude Gerace – renowned wheel builder

Why are hand-built wheels better?
Unlike machine-built, it takes time to build a wheel and make sure that the spokes are set and tensioned evenly this in turn means that the wheel runs more true, is stronger and has a longer usage life.

Improve your bike’s ride quality by reducing rotating mass, increasing strength and comfort with these ROVAL Control SL carbon rims with Novatec hubs (15mm front – 12x142mm rear) and DT Swiss double butted spokes.
Normally $1699
Our price $999

Limited stock, Fyshwick store only.

Don’t need new hubs or spokes?
Easy, we’ll rebuild your wheels with your existing hubs and spokes and upgrade your rims to carbon.
Want a different hub and spoke combo?
We can custom build your new carbon rims with whichever spec hubs and spokes you like.

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