All-New Diverge

Adventure is about discovery

While the fun might start where the road ends, you still need a bike that’ll get you there—one bike that shreds gravel and dirt and crushes through road miles with equal expertise. Sure, some have tried to make their ‘cross bikes more “road-capable” (whatever that means), and others have made their road bikes more “adventure-ready,” but Specialized has created one bike that makes no compromises between the two.

“Adventure is about discovery, you can have an adventure in your own backyard” 

You don’t have to be Peter Sagan to love the new Diverge, it could take you anywhere. Imagine taking off from your front door with no real destination and just enjoying the ride no matter where it leads. Here at The Cyclery we’re all about creating adventures and the experiences they bring, come in and see us to find out where your next bike can take you.

Check out the details on the new Diverge here

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