Bruce Ridge

Bruce Ridge is a relative newcomer to the collection of mountain bike trails in Canberra. While illegal trails have existed here since the 1990’s, it wasn’t until 2014 that local government endorsed the area as a legitimate mountain biking facility with signposted trails. This is a great step by the government, creating a great balance in the area between recreational users (cyclists and walkers) and the environment.

Bruce Ridge is somewhat smaller than some of the other areas to ride in Canberra, but arguably more accessible. And it definitely makes up for lack of size with a great little network of trails, suitable for all skill and fitness levels.

Find out more information about the area here, or visit the official website complete with trail information and loop maps.

Bruce Ridge map

Here is the overall trail map of the area.

Bruce Ridge trail map

Print outs

Prefer an old-fashioned print out to take with you? No dramas. The following PDF file maps out the trails for you:

Bruce Ridge trail map (PDF – 405 KB)