Centenary Trail

Feel like a scenic tour of Canberra by bike? Then why not get out on the Centenary Trail? The Centenary Trail stretches for a total of 145km, looping through Canberra’s urban and rural environments in a self-guided tour of iconic locations and hidden treasures. If you’re feeling full of beans, then you can tackle the whole lot in one hit. For those of you with a bit more sense, the Trail can be split into a 3 day ride, covering just over 45km per day. With several entry/exit points, the Centenary Trail is extremely accessible for cyclists and walkers. You’ll be riding on fire trails, walking tracks and shared paths in urban and natural areas. The Trail is designed for low intensity use by cyclists of moderate ability and is generally less than 10 percent gradient.

Maps and GPS files

The Google map below gives you an idea of how the Centenary Trail envelops Canberra. If you have a GPS unit, you can download the GPX (746 KB) or KML (221 KB) files for your device.

Print outs

Prefer an old-fashioned print out to take with you? No dramas. The following PDF files split the Centenary Trail into 3 sections: