Sparrow Hill

Sparrow Hill is renowned for having some of the sweetest, flowing singletrack around Canberra. Snaking through a mix of pine plantation and native forest, the smooth, grippy trails have everyone from beginners elite riders frothing over how much fun Sparrrow is.

Often home to the Mont 24Hr race, there are enough trails here to keep anyone happy. Take a short loop through some of your favourite sections, or link it all up for up to 50kms of awesomeness. There’s even a Kid’s Loop for the up-and-comers.

Find out more about Sparrow Hill, including trail info, how to get there, photos and videos at the official website.

Sparrow Hill map

Here is the overall trail map of the area. Make sure you have this updated map, as the area has changed since the King’s Highway upgrade cut through some of the old trail area.

Sparrow Hill Trail map

Print outs

Prefer an old-fashioned print out to take with you? No dramas. The following PDF file will give you a hard copy of the map above:

Sparrow Hill MTB trail map (PDF – 661 KB)