Which saddle works for you?

The benefits of the right saddle go far beyond comfort.

We know you love to ride, but do you love your saddle? Do you experience any of these symptoms when you’re on the bike?

  • Pain in your lower back, neck or shoulders
  • Tingling / pins and needles in your hands, arms or legs
  • Aching backside, legs, arms or hands
  • Leg, back or arm cramps
  • Unusual levels of fatigue

If you said yes to any of these symptoms, the problem could be caused by your saddle. Restricted blood flow from pressure on soft tissue caused by an incorrectly fitting saddle can cause more problems than just discomfort.

Check out this video from Specialized:

We can measure your sit bones and recommend the right saddle for you within minutes, at no extra cost and if you decide to go for a new saddle we can also fit it to your bike.

Why not drop in and have a chat with us about getting a saddle fitted to you today?


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