Gears not shifting right? Brakes squealing? Wheels need straightening?

Never fear. Our trusty bike mechanics… nay, Bike Fixing Wizards, will get you sorted in no time at all.

Our workshop is fitted out with all the latest and greatest bike specific tools – a collection that you dream of hanging up on your garage wall one day… But in the meantime, let our guys take care of your bike and keep it running in tip-top condition.

We service most makes and models and can complete just about any work your bike requires, from custom builds and overhauls to a quick “mini service”. We can even get your bike looking its best with our thorough Eco-wash service.

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Some Frequently Asked Workshop Questions (FAWQs)

When booking bikes into our workshop for repairs and maintenance, we hear these questions a lot. So we thought it’d be good for you, our customers, to be ahead of the curve when it comes to booking in your pride and joy for some TLC.

When can I drop the bike off?

The Cyclery Fyshwick

Our workshop is open at 9am. Since we’re not all early birds, you can also drop your bike off the day before, if that is more convenient for you. We close up the workshop at 5:30pm Monday to Friday.

We are also happy for you to drop off your bike for repair on Saturday in readiness for your booking during the week. There may be times when we’re short on space and this may not be possible so it’s best to check when you make the booking if that’s an option, and we’ll do our best to accommodate you.

Why do I have to wait a week to get my bike repaired?

The Cyclery Fyshwick

Like all bike shops, our mechanics are busier during the summer months when everybody is out riding, and they’re slaving away in their workshops keeping riders on their bikes. There is also a lot more racing going on during the summer months, with riders requiring race tune-ups, having new parts fitted, and generally keeping their rides in top condition. Because of this our booking time in the summer months can be longer than a week, and so planning and booking ahead is imperative. Since we do have two fully equipped workshops, we will always do our best to accommodate our customer’s needs, but it’s always best to plan ahead.

Secondly, while we do stock a wide range of spare parts, there are occasions where we don’t always have the parts your bike needs in stock, and a special order may be required – this can also lead to a wait of a few days for us to get your parts into stock, and we will do our best to let you know if this is the case when we book your bike in for repairs.

Lastly, if you have a bike with suspension components, some companies insist that we send the forks or shocks to certified repairers for maintenance, which can also lead to you being without your bike for a few days – again we will inform you of this when the bike is booked in for repair.

The repair is going to cost more than I paid for the bike, how did that happen?


We will always do our utmost to avoid nasty surprises for our customers when it comes to quoting for the repair of the bike, however sometimes the cost of repair exceeds what the bike initially cost, or comes very close to it. This can happen if the bike has been ridden a lot and needs a complete overhaul, (brand new cassette, chain, chainrings, cables and outers, bottom brackets et cetera) and in cases of some cheaper bikes at the lower end of the market, the cost of replacement parts plus labour is sometimes close to the cost of a new bike.

We also like to guarantee our repairs, which means using products and components that we know are going to work properly for you once the bike leaves the shop. This may mean putting better quality parts onto the bike than the ones that were originally fitted to the bike. In the long run the bike will ride better and the parts we recommend will last longer than the original components – saving you time, money and headaches.

Why do I have to wait for a mechanic to repair my bike, can’t one of the other staff members fix it?

The Cyclery Fyshwick

While the retail staff are able to carry out some quick maintenance work and repairs for your bike, our bicycle technicians really are the ones best equipped to carry out more complicated repairs on your bike – they have the most technical knowledge in the shop, and are able to give your bike their full attention while it’s in the stand.

Like all things in life, the best things are worth waiting for.

Hi, my bike’s making a ticking/knocking/creaking sound, can you get rid of it for me?

Masi rear end closeup

Yes we can, but we may need to take more than one run at it – some creaking sounds will only occur once you’ve been on the bike for say half an hour once everything has warmed up, some will only occur when you’re climbing out of the saddle, and sometimes the offending part causing the noise is so small it’s very hard to find.

We are experts at chasing creaks out of frames, but sometimes it does require us to take more than one run at finding the problem. Sadly, we can’t do anything about the creaks and groans that come from the rider.

How can I tell if my chain’s worn?

Checking chain

Replacing your chain at the right time will extend the life of your chainrings and cassette, and is normally the most economical part of your drivetrain to replace – but knowing when it is worn is not as easy as visually assessing the chain. We have tools in the shop that will measure how ‘stretched’ the chain has become, and how much more life it has left in it, and it is as easy as dropping into the shop and asking one of our staff to check it out for you.

To care for your chain and drivetrain and avoid costly repairs and replacements, you should clean and lube your chain on a regular basis. Exposing your chain to excessive dust, dirt, water, mud and other grit will reduce it’s life if not properly cared for – just ask our mechanics for some advice if you’re not sure how to go about it.

How should I clean my bike?

Don't use a pressure washer!

Bicycle technicians love working on clean bikes, and a bit of preventative maintenance at home can improve the life of your components and keep your pride and joy running better for longer. We stock a full range of cleaning products, degreasers and polishes to keep your frame and drivetrain clean and looking like new. Even a scrub with some dishwashing detergent and warm water, followed by a gentle rinse, will do wonders for your bike, although you will need something stronger to clean your drivetrain components.

We will always be happy to provide advice on the best way to keep your ride clean, although we will say this now – NEVER EVER CLEAN YOUR BIKE WITH A PRESSURE WASHER OR OTHER HIGH PRESSURE HOSE. You may see pro team mechanics at the Tour de France do it on television, but it will destroy the seals that keep dust and grime out of your hubs and bottom bracket, damage the paint on your frame and flush the grease out of your bearings. The pro teams can afford to replace these parts – can you? Please don’t do it.

How often should I service my bike/forks/shock?

Rear shock-001

And while you’re at it, can you tell me how long a piece of string is?

Seriously though, this is a tough one and the answer is different for everyone. If you ride often and far, ride in dirty (especially wet) conditions, or are a bit heavy and rough on your gear, then we would suggest that servicing is required more often for you than the person who goes for a ride every third Sunday (weather permitting) about 5km total. For these extreme examples, servicing periods can range from 1-2 months to over 12 months.

Likewise with suspension components, it depends on the conditions you ride in. Servicing periods for suspension vary by manufacturer, but are generally measured in hours of riding – which can add up quicker than you think.

If you are not sure how your bike is going, then just drop past and get our guys to have a quick look – they’ll soon let you know if it needs to be booked in for some work. Prevention is always better than an expensive repair.